Monday, January 21, 2013

Pantone Color of the Year 2013: Emerald Green


I was not surprised to see this green as Pantone Color of the Year. I feel like versions of it have been appearing on my radar for a while now. I have been playing with different ways to use Emerald 2013. One of the things I love about this color is its versatility. It can be the hero of a palette or a great grounding color for some brighter companions. The blueish-green version, almost a teal, is where I see this color going in the next couple years. I was shopping in Target and just could not resist these towels. Brave of them to mix the yellow-green with the teal, but I think it works beautifully.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Twitter Art Exhibit

"Through art we can change the world" That is the mission of #twitterartexhibit. I contributed to this year's event along with hundreds of other artists from around the world! Requirements were to create 5 x 7 postcard size, original art, each to sell for $35. Proceeds to help young artists. It was kind of exciting, actually, to be a part of this, even though I could not attend the event in LA. But because this is a social media-driven fundraiser I was able to follow along online. I really would have loved to have purchased some of the art, as well. You can view this collection of fabulous artwork here on their FB page. And learn more about the organization at