Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Refreshing, irreverent & playful Jonathan Adler

Me having fun
close up of shower curtains

One of the high points of my family visit to NYC was stumbling upon the Jonathan Adler store in SOHO. While the rest of the gang loitered out on the street, I wandered through the den of original design, chic decor, and pure playfulness that is Jonathan Adler. This guy does not take it all too seriously, which is what attracts me to his design. Even the sales help has a little fun. Chas let me set up a photo shoot on his wrapping table. And he even surprised me by gift wrapping one of the mugs I purchased even though he knew it was "from me to me". 

Always loved Jonathan's design, and after getting the full treatment of his brand ID, love him even more. It isn't brain surgery, so why not have some fun? My favorite line is "your 24-hour pot dealer".