Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shelf Liners. They're not just for Grandma anymore.

I am in love with this surface design. It is a woven, bamboo-burlap pattern, printed on a cushiony plastic that comes in rolls, to be used as a shelf liner.
It has been sitting on my desk for the last two weeks, a product sample for some TV concepts I am working on. I have to say, although I love the pattern, I did not think I would love lining my shelves with it. But every day another drawer gets a mini-makeover, and I get a little lift. ( I like to clean out and reorganize, go figure).
The cool thing about this particular shelf liner is that it has a grip bottom (non-adhesive) and a smooth top that makes it easy to clean. AND you can even throw it in the washing machine.
OK, I stole a few lines from the TV script, but seriously, this product offers a fresh approach in an old category.
Check out the Smooth Top Easy Liner from Duck.