Monday, September 14, 2009

Kleenex: Making the world a more beautiful place, one tissue box at a time.

Folks, I know it's just a box of tissues, but is there any reason why it can't be attractive, as well? I applaud Kleenex® Brand Tissues for raising the industry standard, with new shapes, surface pattern designs, eye-catching merchandising. Being a leader in any category means finding or creating the opportunities to stand out. I am glad to see Kleenex step up.
As a consumer, choosing between faded pink roses and the above design is no contest. I would love to see this green pattern design used in a fabric, maybe a throw-pillow, or a purse? I will settle for seeing it on my desktop.

(BTW, not sure, but I think most of these designs are exclusive to Target. Stopped by Walmart and saw nothing like these)